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Deliza Di Riso Nourishing No-Oxidant* Face Cream


Rich, thick day and night cream enriched with Purple Rice Extract, for a nourishing action, and with Vitamin E and Lycopene, substances recognized for fighting the oxidation process. Also formulated for very dry skin, it nourishes the epidermis deep-down and prevents skin aging. It gives skin an instant feeling of well-being and extraordinary vitality. Non-greasy.

Nourishing and Anti-Oxidant*

It nourishes the skin deep-down, leaving it soft and velvety and giving it an instant feeling of well-being and extraordinary vitality. Enriched and tested to function with an anti-oxidant action. (* in vitro test on the cream).

* In vitro test.

You, whether you have dry, very dry or normal skin. Normal skin may need further nourishment too, for example when we return from holiday, when we use UV lamps, when we go skiing, when we swim.


Shea Butter, Rice Proteins, Purple Rice Extract, Black Rice Extract, Vitamin E, Tomato Extract. Paraben Free, Paraffin Free, Petrolatum Free, Ethyl Alcohol Free, SLES/SLS Free, Formaldehyde Free.

* In vitro test on the cream

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